At Bay 20 software, we save your money, time and relax you from processing complex data sheets. We help you in building intelligent frameworks to churn data for a better result. Bay 20 software takes up the entire phase of advanced data analysis from data collecting, cleansing to implementing.

Data Analysis with Python/R

Data Wrangling

We have experts who are expertise in cleaning, gathering unifying complex and messy data with accuracy for easy access and analysis. If this phase is not handled with efficiency the results may be dicey. It is very essential to organize the large amount of data before making any analysis. By Data wrangling process our experts transform and map data from raw data form to different format and make it valuable for analytics. They identify and acquire access to the data, combine the edited data for analysis and redesign it into usable data.

Statistical Modelling

We offer excellent services in the field of Data Analysis & Statistical Modelling to organizations who want to outsource data for revenues and customer behavior. With statistical modeling we focus from customer to profitable customers and ways to retain them. Our experts use multiple techniques from data mining to data modeling in a cost-effective way. Our team have tremendous experience in successfully executing many projects in customer segmentation and targeted marketing by implanting statistical data modeling techniques.

Analysis Using Python/R

For day to day analysis task our data analysts use the most powerful languages Python and R for statistical data analysis. Both are open source but python is a general-purpose programming language whereas R is developed with statistician in mind. Bay20 Software has built a great reputation by providing best data analysis services. Our expert use latest technology, tools and well tested before implementing, cost efficient and provide better option to small, medium and big size organizations. Our team work for mature markets across the world.

Whether you are running a business of moderate to small scale data analysis
or handle very large datasets we have the option to analyze the data with
Python/R and able to produce profitable results.

Data Visualization Using Tableau

We help you find hidden patterns in your business data, allow you to navigate data in an easy way to understand, take out the required functionality to build strong depiction from your business data. Our experts analyze millions of rows of data within seconds with the help of Tableau. We can combine different sources of data in a single view. If any change made to the data with the latest tools and technology it is immediately reflected.

Analysis with explanation

We evaluate your business data using logical and analytical reasoning to examine each and every component of data given. We gather data from various sources review it and analyze to form solution and conclusion. Our analysis is supported by the strong explanation.

Predictive Analysis/ Machine Learning Implementation

We focus on “what was happening, how it is happening and what will happen”. We not only analyze the given data but also predict the future prospect in that scenario. Our prime objective is to analyze data, manipulating variables and forecast the possibilities from existing data by using predictive analytical techniques. We use machine learning technologies for predictive and recommendation services in data analysis. We apply machine learning technologies with one which gives measurable results and should be economical. Our team of expert knows how recommendation and predictions should be used practically.