Shopify is very versatile Saas based eCommerce platform. It has hosted thousands of successful stores so far. It is one most easy to use eCommerce platform for merchants.Business owners who wish to start online sales. Shopify can be a choice of platform because of its ease of use and powerful features. Shopify comes with lot themes that can be used to save time. It also has lot of applications that will get you a feature that default Shopify doesn’t offer.We provide premium design and development services on this platform. We provide complete support from conceptualizing the project to delivering the project. We make sure your store comply to the web standard and also SEO friendly. You can create a free trial store to evaluate its features.

Services we provide on Shopify platform is given below:

Shopify Theme Design

We develop Shopify theme from scratch. We follow Shopify standards to develop Shopify theme. We consider performance and conversion issues while developing Shopify themes. We make sure theme works on all browsers and mobile devices.

Shopify Theme Customization

If you have already purchased a theme and just want to make some customization to that theme. We provide customization services. We keep the same standard as an original theme while customizing it. We also perform an extensive test to make sure all other related functionality work fine.

Shopify API Development

We have strong knowledge of Shopify API. We have developed several Shopify API apps. We follow best practices to keep API app fast and scalable. We perform proper security test.

Shopify SEO

Shopify already comes with SEO rich features. We provide all the support to leverage what is provided by Shopify. We help you set up an ongoing SEO strategy and give you maximum returns on your investment.

Data Migration to Shopify

We provide support to migrate data into Shopify. We provide support to transform data in a raw format to Shopify format. If you are coming from some other eCommerce platform in that case also. We migrate all data into Shopify.

Migration to Shopify From Other Platforms

We migrate design, data, and other stuff into Shopify from other platforms. We have recently migrated several stores from ProStores and Magento to Shopify. We make the process very smooth and hassle-free for you.