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IBM SPSS and Tableau Experts In Pune-India

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IBM SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) statistics is popular statistical software which is mainly used to solve different natures of businesses and problems related research. We provide a range of techniques including hypothesis, ad hoc analysis testing and reporting. Manage, select and perform data analysis with IBM SPSS becomes easier. We offer methods of analyzing industrial quality control charts with the efficient use of IBM SPSS. It includes statistical techniques available for analyses structure and datasets in large. IBM SPSS makes sure that we meet targeted response and optimize our business.

Our software experts are efficient to take up any analytic and predictive project of the company with hundred percent accuracy. They can handle the entire process from data access to data analysis, deployment of outcomes and reporting.

Our experts have the ability to analyze big datasets using pivot tables. With IBM SPSS seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications can be provided. It works on the Interactive model viewer.

We help companies who are running with low growth in their business and transform enterprise operations to increase growth and co-op upmarket competitiveness. We provide services to redesign company operating models and efficiently handle back-office operations. Our professional help to rebuilt customer experience and instill our intelligent technologies to reduce operational costs. Our experts know how to start, what to focus and which technologies to deploy.


statistics has the power of predictive analytics capabilities. You can trust us if you want to avail the maximum advantage of predictive analytics capabilities to deliver the maximum amount of value.

Data Preparation We use IBM SPSS data preparation which is completely integrated a module of SPSS statistics to perform advanced techniques to streamline data preparation which is quick and produce accurate data analysis results. By using IBM SPSS data preparation we are able to identify invalid cases, variables and data values, summarize variable distributions, visualize patterns of missing data, ready your data for analysis, find quality errors by using Automated Data Preparation tool, recommendations and visualizations to support you selecting valuable data to use.

Bootstrapping We use bootstrapping development framework which creates websites and web apps. It is used to facilitate the development of responsive sites and apps. The bootstrap framework includes layouts and user interface components for devilment and implementation. It improves the consistency of tools which are used on sites thus reduce maintenance.

Advanced Statistics With advanced statistics tools we improve the accuracy, dependability of conclusions with statistics which are designed for complex relationships. A set of multivariate analytic techniques and models is used to make advanced statistics. We help the companies to solve real-world problems such as manufacturing and marketing.

Regression By using IBM regression we are able to predict categorical results and implement many nonlinear regression procedures. These procedures are very helpful for your business and analysis projects where common regression techniques don’t work much such as responses to treatment of analyzing credit risk and knowing customer buying habits. IBM SPSS software helps to expand the data analysis SPSS statistics during data analytical process.

Custom Tables We summarize SPSS statistical data, presentation-quality display analysis, and production ready tables. It increases analytical capabilities
to learn from data and offers advanced features to build tables which can be easily understood and read by people. Our individuals work with output and display survey results by using stacking, nesting and multiple response categories, able to change labels, formats and handle missing values.

Missing Values To assign your missing data and depict valid conclusions we use IBM SPSS Missing Values as a critical tool for data validity. We examine your data to display missing data patterns and summarize estimated statistics and then assign missing values using statistical algorithms. We professionals rely on IBM Missing Values to legalize research data.

Categories We use categorical regression procedures to predict the values of numerical outcome variable from a combination of ordered, numeric and unordered categorical predictor analysis. We use advanced techniques such as perceptual mapping, predictive analysis, statistical learning and preference scaling by using IBM SPSS Categories software.

Complex Samples IBM SPSS Complex samples module computes standard errors and statistics from complex designs by adding in sample designs into survey analysis. The module helps our experts in planning stratified and multistage sampling and can produce a more accurate picture of data.

Conjoint Analysis With IBM SPSS Conjoint software our professionals create a better understanding of consumer preferences, price sensitivity, and trade-offs. We help you discover more about a customer making a comparison with other products in the market. We help you to design, price and market products better while tailoring your customers’ needs.

Exact Tests and forecasting We analyze rare occurrences in the large database by using small samples with the help of IBM SPSS Exact Test and by forecasting we develop reliable forecasts using time-series data which includes predicting the desired number of staff and demand for a particular product or service.

Decision Trees Our experts using IBM SPSS Decision trees better identify groups, find relationships between them and predict future events. With these decision trees we are able to help you with present categorical results and clearly explain analysis.

Direct Marketing We conduct advanced analysis of your customers in greater depth, or contacts, improve marketing campaigns and help you improve results.


Tableau is unique software that offers a number of relational databases and Hadoop connectors to allow any business users to easily and swiftly analyze growing data volumes on large scale. Data analysis becomes easier by adapting Tableau and able to bring advanced analytics capabilities. Tableau is known in the business intelligence software market.

Visualization As comparing to other Business Intelligence products, Tableau is best known for making significant visualizations and gives the best solution. Our experts use Tableau to import and visualize large data sets and allow users to drill down their data and make queries. Our data analysts create smart and deep-insight reports and dashboards with a drag-and-drop interface.

The Business Environment

Our experts have extensive access to Tableau and go insight on sales performance and generate visuals for whole sales team for better results.

We provide a number of implementation and consulting services which include planning, data migration, data modeling, data extraction, data mining, business workflow, data sources, building and formatting visualizations. With Tableau, our experts evaluate action plans and define measurable outcomes. Regardless of the organization size using Tableau is the best option for data analysis.

A powerful business tool that helps businesses make informed decisions faster by transforming data into actionable insights.

Influential Analytics We use Tableau to fulfill the needs of your all organization. We monitor, explore and transform data into actionable insights.

Data Source We efficiently connect and import data from a variety of data source such as databases, feeds, files, business applications, in-house apps.

Data Blending Our experts are well trained to combine data retrieved from various sources to prepare functional reports for the companies. We ignite your data to set free for business potentials.

Valuable Dashboards By using Tableau we create informative and useful dashboards with, insert images, simple drag-and-drop user interface, widgets and web components in a designer-friendly layout.

Highly Secured Tableau is highly secured and takes care of all the existing security protocols of an organization with multi-tenancy options and controls. If you want to execute your business smartly and wants to figure out how to provide better products and services to the customers and apply smarter marketing campaigns to your target audiences, you can seek us for the best services ever.